About Greg

Hey guys!  My name is Greg….

I am a 40-something business professional and father of two.  I created this facial pore reducing blog to help people who suffer from enlarged or clogged facial pores (which I no longer suffer from.)

After having problems with clogged and enlarged pores, and trying every natural home remedy known to man, I decided to expand my search for a cream or scrub that would alleviate my issue.

Although some of the remedies produced limited results, I finally found a safe, natural product that produced great results.  So….I wanted to share this site and hopefully provide a resource for anyone else who needs help.

If you are looking for a pore reducer that really works, then check out my homepage:

==> The Pore Reducer That Really Works

If you want to try some of the home remedies that I tried that did produce some results, but not necessarily the results I was hoping for, check out this article:

==> 3 Simple Home Remedies for Enlarged Pores


Best wishes, and remember, stay beautiful on the inside and out!