The 5 Best Natural Skin Care Brands Today

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When it comes to the beauty industry, there is a plethora of products for your every need. You can find practically everything from skin care to hair, nail, and teeth care products. With that, you can get it either organic or non-organic, which of course, organic is always better! Therefore, our dedication to always bring you the crème-de-le-crème of natural skin care products means we must be on top of everything. Therefore, let’s talk about the best all natural skin care brands you must buy today!

The Top 5 Best Natural Skin Care Brands Today

  1. Jurlique

What do Sia and kangaroos have in common? They are both from South Australia. However, there is a brand worth giving the title of the largest “beauty-farming mecca” in all of South Australia; Jurlique. This natural skin-care brand owns a 154-acre farm in the Adelaide Hills dedicated towards the reviving of natural products and nature through organic growth. What does this mean for you? Their products or top of the line and made from some of the healthiest and most fresh ingredients you can buy today. We swear, they pick their lavender and put it directly into the bottle that’s how healthy their products are.

In actuality, they grow lavender, calendula crops, and licorice, as well as rose, which ultimately, they mash up and blend into a bunch of their skin-care goods. Alongside caring about human beings, they care for nature. They’ve planted over 10,000 native trees on their farm to increase biodiversity and maintain a healthy and natural ecosystem.

Whether you try the Jurlique Moisture Replenishing Day Cream, or the Jurlique Balancing Foaming Cleanser, you will be highly amazed by every product and their benefits. Their all-natural products offer everything from acne reduction, to skin tightening, spot healing, and replenishing skin cells.

  1. Tata Harper

What do you think when you hear the word Vermont? At an instant you are graced with the vision of rolling hills, romantic day walks, scenic views, and love-at-first sight passion for the general earthiness of the area. It’s an extremely beautiful state! Which makes sense that it is also home to a 1,200 acre-farm dedicated to bringing you the best in skin care, Tata Harper. The Harper family owns the farm, also known as Julius Kingdom, in the Champlain Valley. Their production of plants includes meadowsweet, arnica, calendula, borage, lemonbalm, safflower, alfalfa, and lavender, plus about 30 more!

With this many plans, herbs, and trees, Tata Harper has stayed true to their production of 100 percent all natural products. These extracts cokbined with numerous other partner companies and suppliers of ingredients means their products range from floral, to spicy, to sweet and calming. Everything from the packaging to the formulating takes place at the farm and surrounding facilities. Alongside their many benefits and their dedication to stay all-natural, they have opened the Open Lab Traceability Program. With this you can actually trace back your product to the exact batch and date of formulation simply by using the product number stamped on it.

With that said, Vermont is home to so much beauty that can trace back to you by trying out a Tata Harper product. Try the Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum, or the Concentrated Brightening Serum and begin brightening your appearance and skin with a gentle kiss from Vermont.

  1. Mitchell and Peach

Mitchel and Peach has graduated from becoming a prominent market stand in London’s Covent Garden from 1923-1972, to becoming one of the best, luxury, all-natural skin care brands dedicated to providing 100% natural products. The Mitchell family has been farming in Kent, England for more than a century while also calling it “home.” Ian and Jod, the Mitchells of today brought an extremely simple, yet fragrant herb, to the Foxbury Farm, and it has become the inspiration for many of their product lines. This herb is, lavender. Their product line is superb from beginning to end, from production to execution. Even their bottles are oh-so, Instagram worthy with the black typeface font and white labels.

With that said, if it’s dry skin you are worried about, Mitchell and Peach has he product for you, Flora No. 1 Fine Radiance Facial Oil. This is an antioxidant-packed blend of coconut, apricot-kernel, and wheat-germ oils that give you skin a boosty of hydration while leaving it glow-y and soft.

As an added bonus, you can also gift yourself honey from their own fields. Which, alongside their 100 percent natural skin-care products, is natural as well.

  1. Farmaesthetics

Let’s get back to America, shall we? Farmaesthetics was born in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Serving as an all-natural line of skin and body-care products, Farmaesthetics sources certified-organic ingredients from small farms and co-ops around the country while also staying true to Rhode Island roots by using crops from several nearby farms for limited-edition and seasonal products. The Farmaesthetics brand now comes from the visionary mind of Brenda Brock, an eight-generation farmer who began her line of work creating products from Maplewood Farm and Swan Farm herbs, and selling them at a roadside stand in Rhode Island.

Their luxurious and organic products are a testimony to their dedication of providing skin-care and body-care products that heal and nourish. With that, the Farmaesthetics Nourishing Lavender Milk lotion treats even the driest of skin conditions while leaving your skin silky soft. Maybe, the Farmaesthetics Nourishing Herbal Cream is your go-to product, protecting the skin and holding moisture in areas that need it most. Can you see how this would be one of the best natural skin care brands?

  1. Kopari

It is without a doubt that coconut oil has burst onto the skin-care scene as one of the most famous ingredients of 2017. With that, Kiana Cabell, Kopari’s co-founder has capitalized on the nutrient-rich ingredient by providing the Kopari Coconut Skin-Care Line, one of the best natural skin care brands. Kiana, born and raised in Hawaii has always known that the tropical fruit was extremely healthy, and in turn founded Kopari in 2015. Her passion for all natural beauty and coconuts resulted in her sourcing organic and premium, coconut oil sustainably sourced from the Philippine Islands. With this, each product is organic, non-gmo, sulfate-free, and 100% organic. Whether you try the Kopari Coconut Body Glow or the Kopari Coconut Melt, you will be lathering your body in one of the healthiest, most-nbourishing, and luxurious skin-care products brought to the skin-care industry in 2017. With that, each product is made with consumers in mind and love in the heart. Also, a passion for coconut may have something to do with it. Enjoy your newly discovered beauty!

Your Skin Will Thank You for Using Natural Skin Care Brands

Whether you are trying out a burst-on-the-scene company like Kopari, or a seasoned all-natural skin care brand like Jurlique, these companies have one mission in common, to care for you. With that, each company has a plethora of available products that range from organic facial serums, to organic herb extracts to seal in moisture. Either way, you are achieving your goal of replenishing your skin with the healthiest products available today!