Sonic Cleansing Brushes: The Truths and the Myths

When it comes to skincare, chances are, you’ve come across the ever-so-popular, Sonic Cleansing Brushes in efforts to make miracles happen. Does that sound like you? Well, these powerful skincare tools have also raised numerous questions and claims from so-called “professionals”. With that being said, we thought we would take some time to explore Sonic Cleansing Brushes and some of the information that is being spread about these skincare tools. That way, you know exactly what you are purchasing if you decide to purchase a sonic cleansing brush. If you want to learn the TRUE and cold-hard facts, keep on reading!

MYTHS: Only Use Once Per Day

If you are to do some simple searches, you might find a lot of bloggers and professionals saying that you should only use a sonic cleaning brush once per day. Now, the reality is, there is no science or research supporting any of these claims! Think of other Sonic cleaning products, do you see any similar claims? All we are saying is that these cleaning tools are so powerful! If you are properly using sonic cleansing brushes the way they are intended, you should notice results quicker than anticipated!

MYTHS: Harsh for Sensitive Skin

We are not quite sure why so many people are claiming that sonic cleansing brushes are dangerous or harsh for those with sensitive skin. Chances are, there have been instances where individuals WITH sensitive skin have experienced some sort-of reaction. However, there is no claim proving this to be true. So, the truth is, it does not really matter what type of skin you may have. Many times, these products are not harsh but rather intensely powerful removing any dirt or oils off your face.

TRUTH: Better Skin Cleaning Tool

If you want to know the cold-hard facts surrounding sonic cleansing brushes – it’s that these cleaning tools are immensely powerful and some of the best cleaning tools available today. In fact, these brushes can remove near ten-fold more dirt, make-up, and oils on your face! Now, if you are to combine the power of a sonic cleansing brush with some of the cleaning products that are available on the market, you can give yourself a near-professional facial. Isn’t that exciting?

TRUTH: Better Results

By constantly using a sonic cleansing brush, you can guarantee that your face is going to notice better results. Keep in mind, these cleaning tools are some of the best in the industry! So, with a consistent skincare routine, you can easily remove more dirt and makeup than any other cleaning tool out there, including your barehand! You can guarantee less acne, less blackheads, and less blemishes on your face. Be sure though that you are using a sonic cleansing brush properly if you want results!

The Best Sonic Cleansing Brushes On the Market

As we said before, for some reason, there is a revolving door of misinformation surrounding these cleaning tools. Sonic Cleansing Brushes can be powerful at-home cleaning tools if used properly. Much of the misinformation stems from individuals who misuse or do not understand how to use a sonic cleansing brush. With that being said, we do hope that this article cleared up some of the falsities that surround these products and perhaps motivated you to want to try one!

If you are interested, here are three of the BEST sonic cleansing brushes on the market today: