The Best DIY Summer Skin Care Treatments

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Did you know your skin is constantly at risk during the summer, especially if you don’t care of it? Performing proper skin care treatments is of utter importance if you want to keep your skin looking fresh, vitalized, and youthful as you age. So, to better help you this summer, we thought we would provide you with a unique way to perform skin care treatments: the DIY kind of treatments. These proven techniques and skin care treatments from professionals all around the world can be done yourself.  Better yet, they can be done in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Watermelon


One of the way best ways to treat your skin this summer is with almost everyone’s favorite summer fruit: watermelon! Usually, people eat watermelon and throw away the rind after all the red juicy goodness is gone. Well, from now on, stop throwing away those rinds and start using them for your skin care! You see, watermelon contains unique moisturizing properties that are rich with antioxidants. In fact, by simply taking the juicy rind of a watermelon and rubbing it on your face, you can easily counteract a large portion of the damage done to your skin by the sun.

  1. Carrots


Any food that naturally grows from the ground has to be healthy, right? This could not be more true than it is for carrots. Carrots are known as one of the healthiest and most powerful vegetables known to man. Now, with carrots, we are not talking about rubbing carrots on your face or creating a carrot paste.  No, we are talking about incorporating carrots into your everyday diet – especially in the summer. These special vegetables loved by bunnies carry a unique antioxidant known as carotene, which is an essential component in your skin. When you incorporate carrots into your diet, you not only protect your skin, you help to keep that natural summer shine to last even longer!

  1. Olive Oil Concoction


What do you get when you mix olive oil, ground coffee, sugar, and fresh lemon rind? You get a concoction that not only helps with cellulite, but also significantly enhances your skin. Reason being, these ingredients (when combined into a mixture) help with influencing the circulatory system and help destabilize the production process of cellulite. It sounds like a complicated process, but it’s super easy! All you need to do is mix these ingredients together and rub the final product on the areas where your skin might be rough or have cellulite.

  1. Honey


Bees are one of the single most important animals on the planet, however, they are often misunderstood and quickly bashed by nearly everyone! The honey that bees produce provides a solution for so many different ailments.  This includes chapped lips. Why do you think the number one selling brand on the market utilizes honey as one of its main ingredients? When you mix a little bit of honey with a dash of sugar, the result is a home remedy for sun burned or chapped lips. On top of this, it serves to revitalize your lips making them fresher than ever before. Not to mention the fact that it tastes really good!

  1. Coconut


Have you ever noticed that many of the products in the facial care field utilize coconut or coconut oil as one of the main ingredients? Have you ever wondered why? Coconuts are one of the best agents in protecting your skin and fighting against the aging process. In order to do this, you will need a whole green coconut and mix it together with plain organic yogurt. From there, all you need to do is apply the mixture to your face and allow the ingredients to do the work. When doing this treatment, the yogurt and coconut work together to exfoliate your skin and make your skin look and appear more youthful, without a hefty price tag.

Protect Your Skin this Summer

After waiting all winter and spring for summer to come, it’s important to treat your skin to insure it stays vital, vibrant, and youthful all summer long. Instead of buying a dozen different skincare product to protect your face, try these five different DIY summer skin care treatments that professionals around the world are talking about.